Angiotensin acetate pharmacological effect

Angiotensin acetate has actualization of white powder. Used afterwards agony or operation shock and accepted anesthesia or analgesic anesthesia induced hypotension. Usage and dosage: intravenous drip: every time 1 ~1.25mg, attenuated in 5% glucose band-aid or isotonic acrid 500ml bead speed, accepted every minute for 3~ 10 μ G. Should frequently abstinent claret pressure, acclimatize the bottomward speed. Adverse reactions and attention: sometimes can could could cause dizziness, headache, I can could could cause angina. Other: 1 time, dosage appropriate tapering, not all of a abrupt stop. 2 for by boundless bleeding induced hypotension, should aswell be added claret volume. 3 not with blood, claret alloyed drip. In 4 patients with affection dysfunction. The anesthetic and atomization of cholesterol and detoxification function, can advance the physique metabolism and abolishment of alcohols fast, lower cholesterol and anticipate its calm or absorbed to the close bank of the claret vessel; on alcohol, drugs, aliment contagion has actual acceptable detoxication and anti-allergic effect.

Angiotensin acetate acerbity beard enhancer, has the afterward characteristics: 1 can advance acerbity excretion, the acerbity acid, acerbity colorant and cholesterol and added solid apparatus of the secretory aggregate added significantly, decidedly added beard of acerbity pigment; 2 of the biologic could acutely enhance the alarmist Gu Guang glutathione levels, decidedly enhance the Gama-glutamylcysteine synthetase, glutathione reductase activity, thereby decidedly accretion the alarmist corpuscle viability, the acerbity secretion. To annihilate hepatitis lesions of hepatic bottleneck and added symptoms, announcement alarmist corpuscle activation, is benign to alarmist action alternate to normal; 3 the anesthetic is ptyalize announcement assimilation function, can advance the beard of saliva, antipsychotic biologic induced saliva bargain decidedly effective; can advance gastrointestinal peristalsis and bowel gas discharge, can bound annihilate belly distension, constipation, bad breath, nausea, belly affliction and added affection of dyspepsia;

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Alarelin acetate properties

Alarelin acetate is a white powder; odorless, accept cited clammy the biologic attenuated in water, hardly acrid in methanol, acerb acerbic band-aid complete attenuated in 1% specific circling attention that will yield this product, add 1% acerb acerbic solution, and quantitative adulterated to 1ml anniversary complete 5mg solution, according to the assurance of ( Appendix VI E ), anhydrous acerb acerbic complexes were affected according to, no, optical circling of -46°-56 °. The assimilation accessory of the product, precision, attenuated in baptize and quantitatively adulterate anniversary fabricated of 1ml 0.1mg band-aid containing, as UV-VIS spectrophotometry ( A Appendix IV ), in the 279nm bent at amicableness absorbance, anhydrous acerb acerbic complexes were affected according to, no, assimilation accessory ( E 1%/1cm ) 52-57. Shading, seal, in a dry place.

Alarelin acetate 5- oxygen bearing prolyl – accumulation ammonia acyl – blush aminoacyl – wire aminoacyl – tyrosyl -D- aminoacyl – leucyl – arginyl – prolyl ethylamine acetate. According to the absolute, after acerb acerbic complexes were calculated, including C56H78N18O12 should be 95.0%-103.0%. Differential: ( 1 ) the assurance beneath recording chromatogram of sample solution, capital aiguille assimilation time and ascendancy band-aid aiguille assimilation time consistent. ( 2) yield this artefact with Alarelin acetate ascendancy products, are fabricated by abacus baptize of 1ml anniversary complete about 2mg solution, by attenuate band chromatography ( Appendix B ) test, to draw the two kinds of band-aid of the 2 μ L, respectively, in the aforementioned silica gel G thin-layer plate, with chloroform booze arctic acerb acerbic baptize ( 60: 45:6:14 ) as developing solvent, expansion, dried, smoked chlorine ( at the basal of a container, a beaker, abacus 5% potassium permanganate band-aid 10ml, additional hydrochloric acerbic 3ml, bankrupt ), dried, again sprayed with potassium iodide starch indicator band-aid to color, analysis solutions for the capital atom colors and position and ascendancy band-aid spots the same.

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