Beautiful Sweetgum Fruit pharmacological effects

1. For external use:

Experiments show that liquidambar alcohol solvent (60%) for external use, can prevent the hook larva into mice skin.The protective effect is proportional to the solvent concentration.

2. Protect liver function:

Birch keto acid has obvious anti liver cytotoxic activity, namely the in vitro experiment, the induced by carbon tetrachloride and galactosamine cytotoxicity of primary cultured rat hepatocytes has obvious protective effect.The student’s well-being liver medicine in Taiwan.

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Beautiful Sweetgum Fruit 


Bistort Rhizome – raw medicinal materials identification

A flat cylindrical bending and dried roots, both ends obtuse or slightly pointed, 3 ~ 10 cm long, 1 ~ 2 cm diameter, appearance maroon, has close links, the top has a bud or remnant stem scars, residual fine hard fibrous root or root white mark on both sides.Hard brittle and easily broken, reddish brown or russet, near the edge of vascular bundle in a ring in white dots.No gas, taste buds acerbity.With thick, hard, section reddish brown, without root is preferred.This product in the medicinal material goods, xi said “grass river car” or “floor”, but “river of grass”, “hail floor” for fleas Hugh’s name, read the article “fleas Hugh”.Microscopic identification: root transverse section: cork layer for series cork cells, dark brown.The cortex is wide.Arrange ring type outside vascular bundle tenacity, intermittent, or phloem lateral with fiber bundles.The marrow.This product parenchyma cells contains more calcium oxalate crystal and starch grains.Powder: light brownish red.(1) the calcium oxalate crystal diameter 15-75 microns;Containing crystal cells rounded, slightly thick wall.(2) the bordered pit catheter, with reticulate, scalariform and spiral duct, 12-72 microns in diameter.(3) wooden fiber bundle, fusiform, 12-18 microns in diameter, the wall is a bit thick, pit is obvious;Compound grain is composed of 2-4 points granule.(4) single grain starch class round or oval, umbilical point clear, short slit, dotted or herringbone, layer lines is not obvious;Compound grain is composed of 2-4 points granule.(5) suberized cell surface view class rectangle or irregular shape, wall slightly bent, a wall is a bit thick, some slightly renju shaped, and fine wrinkles.In addition, some thin wall cells full of yellow, yellow brown or reddish brown.

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Bistort Rhizome

Resina Ferulae Dietotherapy role

Resina Ferulae hollow roots contain milk sample material, and is rich in organic sulfur. Sometimes, the material will be dried and mixed with rice meal for cooking. Ferulic powder is very popular in the United States, but also has application in other countries. For example, all Indian lentils dishes using ferulic, mainly with the herbal medicine can prevent and reduce the smelly bilge gas.

In spite of the unpleasant smells, the taste of Resina Ferulae some like carry earthy taste of onion. The taste of the rich special loved by some chefs, because it has a different application, including making soup and stew. In addition, many people like the meat and vegetables add a pinch of ferulic improve taste.

Clinopodium edible value

Fresh leaves have spicy taste, can be used for cooking. Open flowers can be used to evaporate face or face can be convergent antibacterial. Open flowers can also be used to make tea, have boosted appetite, relieve indigestion and gastric bowel to bilge gas; Relieve sore throat, leaves are often used as the material of Italian sausage or cooking fish and spices, special fragrance, flowers have convergence and sterilization effect, are often used to gargle water evaporate face skin and oily skin.

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Rotavirus Introduction

Rotavirus is the a lot of accepted could could cause of gastroenteritis in breed and actual adolescent children. Almost every adolescent will accept had an infection by the age of five.

It has been estimated that about 18,000 accouchement are hospitalised annually in England and Wales due to rotavirus-related disease.

Rotavirus can could could cause astringent vomiting, astringent diarrhoea, and abdomen cramps. These affection usually endure from 3-8 days. Good hygiene is the a lot of important way of preventing the advance of rotavirus.

Adults may become infected, however, echo infections are about beneath astringent than infections during childhood.