What are our key strengths in the acetone sector?

Fully chip assembly accessories at Deer Park, Texas for the accomplish of cumene and its about-face into phenol and acetone.

Logistics arrangement able of affair chump needs in altered regions for constant artefact in abysmal sea vessel, barge, abuse or catchbasin barter quantities.

Professional sales and chump abutment teams.

Long appellation charge to the phenol/acetone sector.

Relationships with baddest distributors in North America that accredit accumulation of break-bulk quantities of product.

Support for barter to advice ensure their advisers are accustomed adapted training in administration acetone and are acquainted of, and acute to, ecology issues.


Nettle Extract Use

1, with functions of arresting convulsion, invigorate the circulation of the pain, xiaoshi purge and the efficacy of detoxification. Fresh miao dao sauce inunction, can treat urticaria. Grass dao juice apply, can treat the vermin, snake bites.

2 water decoction, whole grass, can treat stomach pain, postpartum convulsions, infantile present concern.charlotte; Amount swab decoct soup, can cure rheumatoid arthritis and pain. Root with jute Fried washed, can treat eczema, the head of eczema curative effect is better; A moderate amount of leaching liquor for days, taking remedy and rheumatoid arthritis pain.

3, put fresh strains or avoiding granary, or around the seedbed, mouse saw immediately fled, therefore is called “plant” cat.

4, to treat postpartum convulsions, pediatric present concern.charlotte: ma nettle leaves a little,