What is Beryllium fluoride?

Beryllium fluoride is the asleep admixture with the blueprint BeF2. This white solid is the arch forerunner for the accomplish of beryllium metal. Its anatomy resembles that of quartz, but BeF2 is awful acrid in water.

Beryllium Fluoride can abrade and bake the skin. Higher

exposure may could could could cause derma ulcers to develop.

Breathing Beryllium Fluoride can abrade the nose, throat and lungs.

High acknowledgment can could could could cause bronchitis and/or pneumonia with fever, ahem and conciseness of breath.

High or again acknowledgment can could could could cause abiding scars in the lungs with fatigue, weight loss, poor appetence and conciseness of breath. Lung accident and affection abortion can action years later.