Gardenia jasminoides uses

The bake-apple is acclimated as a chicken dye, which is acclimated for clothes and aliment (including the Korean clay bean clabber alleged hwangpomuk).

Polynesian humans in the accordant islands use these ambrosial blooms in their annual necklaces, which are alleged Ei in the Cook Islands, Hei in French Polynesia and Lei in Hawai’i

Traditional uses

Gardenia jasminoides fructus (fruit) is acclimated aural Traditional Chinese Medicine to “drain fire” and thereby amusement assertive delirious conditions


What is Solasodine?

Solasodine is a poisonous alkaloid actinic admixture that occurs in plants of the Solanaceae family. Solasonine and solamargine are glycoalkaloid derivatives of solasodine. Solasodine is teratogenic.It is commercially acclimated as a forerunner for the assembly of circuitous steroidal compounds such as contraceptive pills.

What is melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone produced in the academician that helps adapt your beddy-bye and deathwatch cycle.

Melatonin is a lot of frequently acclimated to amusement insomnia, jet lag, and to aid in giving up smoker or abiding use of anti-anxiety anesthetic (Valium). It is aswell acclimated to advice adapt sleep/wake cycles in humans who are blind.

Melatonin has aswell been acclimated in another anesthetic as an aid to amusement indisposition acquired by Alzheimer’s ache or depression.

Paeoniflorin Description

CAS Number:      23180-57-6

Purity:    ≥98%

Molecular Weight:     480.46

Molecular Formula:    C23H28O11

Solubility:      Soluble in MeOH (1 mg/ml). Insoluble in water.

Storage:   Store at -20° C

Boiling Point:   683.31 °C at 760 mmHg (Predicted)

Density:   1.64 g/cm3 (Predicted)

Paeoniflorin is a glycoside abandoned from the basis of Paeonia lactiflora. Paeoniflorin has been acclimated as an anticonvulsant and has hypoglycemic effect. This admixture reverses guanethidine-induced hypotension by activating Adenosine A1 R (the axial Adenosine A1-Rs) in the brain.