Alarelin acetate properties

Alarelin acetate is a white powder; odorless, accept cited clammy the biologic attenuated in water, hardly acrid in methanol, acerb acerbic band-aid complete attenuated in 1% specific circling attention that will yield this product, add 1% acerb acerbic solution, and quantitative adulterated to 1ml anniversary complete 5mg solution, according to the assurance of ( Appendix VI E ), anhydrous acerb acerbic complexes were affected according to, no, optical circling of -46°-56 °. The assimilation accessory of the product, precision, attenuated in baptize and quantitatively adulterate anniversary fabricated of 1ml 0.1mg band-aid containing, as UV-VIS spectrophotometry ( A Appendix IV ), in the 279nm bent at amicableness absorbance, anhydrous acerb acerbic complexes were affected according to, no, assimilation accessory ( E 1%/1cm ) 52-57. Shading, seal, in a dry place.

Alarelin acetate 5- oxygen bearing prolyl – accumulation ammonia acyl – blush aminoacyl – wire aminoacyl – tyrosyl -D- aminoacyl – leucyl – arginyl – prolyl ethylamine acetate. According to the absolute, after acerb acerbic complexes were calculated, including C56H78N18O12 should be 95.0%-103.0%. Differential: ( 1 ) the assurance beneath recording chromatogram of sample solution, capital aiguille assimilation time and ascendancy band-aid aiguille assimilation time consistent. ( 2) yield this artefact with Alarelin acetate ascendancy products, are fabricated by abacus baptize of 1ml anniversary complete about 2mg solution, by attenuate band chromatography ( Appendix B ) test, to draw the two kinds of band-aid of the 2 μ L, respectively, in the aforementioned silica gel G thin-layer plate, with chloroform booze arctic acerb acerbic baptize ( 60: 45:6:14 ) as developing solvent, expansion, dried, smoked chlorine ( at the basal of a container, a beaker, abacus 5% potassium permanganate band-aid 10ml, additional hydrochloric acerbic 3ml, bankrupt ), dried, again sprayed with potassium iodide starch indicator band-aid to color, analysis solutions for the capital atom colors and position and ascendancy band-aid spots the same.

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