Selegiline Introduction

Selegiline is an inhibitor of monamine oxidase used in the analysis of abasement and as accessory analysis in aggregate with levodopa and carbidopa in the analysis of Parkinson disease. Selegiline has been associated with a low amount of serum agitator elevations during treatment, but has not been affiliated to instances of clinically credible astute alarmist injury.
Selegiline has been appear to could cause serum agitator elevations in up to 40% of patients advised continued term. Although the abnormalities were usually balmy and self-limiting, they were assiduous with assiduity of analysis in some patients, ultimately astute drug discointuation. Selegiline has not been active in cases of clinically credible astute alarmist injury, but such instances accept been appear with added beneath specific MAO inhibitors.
Selegiline is abundantly removed from the claret by the alarmist (first canyon metabolism) and undergoes hepatic alliance and elimination. The pathways of selegiline metabolism accept not been able-bodied defined.


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