Where to buy DL-Malic Acid?

CAS No.: 617-48-1
Molecular Formula: C4H6O5
Molecular Weight: 134.09
Appearance: white crystal powder
Purity: 99.%min
DL-Malic Acid is a white or about white apparent powder or granules giving a able acerb taste. It is awful acrid and stable. It’s actinic name is DL-Hydroxy Butanedioic Acid. It is used as a antecedent for acute acidity in confectionaries and a bactericide in assorted food applications.
DL-Malic acid is used as a food additive. It is a basic of some bogus alkali flavors. Further, it is used in the alertness of chiral compounds, including κ-opioid rece. It is activated for chiral resolution by ligand-exchange capillary electrophoresis.
If you want to know about DL-Malic Acid price , please call our Customer Services Hotline 86 592 5365887 or send the email to sales@medicinerawmaterials.com.


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