Calcitriol Medical Use

Calcitriol is prescribed for:
Treatment of hypocalcaemia – hypoparathyroidism, osteomalacia (adults), rickets (infants, children), renal osteodystrophy, abiding branch disease
Treatment of osteoporosis
Prevention of corticosteroid-induced osteoporosis
Calcitriol is aswell sometimes used topically in the analysis of psoriasis, about the affirmation to abutment its ability is not able-bodied established. The vitamin D alternation calcipotriol is added frequently used for psoriasis. Research on the noncalcemic accomplishments of calcitriol and added VDR-ligand analogs and their accessible ameliorative applications has been reviewed.
Calcitriol is aswell administered orally for the analysis of crawling and psoriatic arthritis.


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