Acer Truncatum Description

A built-in of Northern China and Korea, Acer truncatum is an elegant, handsome and simple to abound timberline with absurd autumn colour. The leaves accept 5 triangular lobes and appear in bounce brave brownish purple, concealment to healthing in summer afore axis active shades of yellow, orange, amethyst or red in autumn.
It is carefully accompanying to, and generally difficult to analyze from, Acer amplum, Acer cappadocicum, and Acer pictum subsp. mono, which alter it added south and west in China, and in Japan. From Acer cappadocicum it is best acclaimed by the shoots which about-face amber by their aboriginal winter, not actual healthing for several years.From Acer address (syn. A. pictum auct. non Thunb.) it is best acclaimed by the larger, thicker (less flattened) seeds. Acer truncatum is actual abnormal a part of maples in assuming hypogeal germination.


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