Estriol Medical Use

Estriol (E3) is a ascendant estrogen during pregnancy, and is buried mainly by the placenta. E3 tests of placental or feto-placental action are broadly used in high-risk pregnancies to adumbrate adverse fetal outcome. It is aswell used as a allotment of hormonal backup therapy.
Estriol can be abstinent in affectionate claret or urine and can be used as a brand of fetal health and wellbeing. DHEA-S is produced by the adrenal case of the fetus. This is adapted to estriol by the placenta.
Estriol is accessible in articulate tablet, vaginal cream, and vaginal suppository form, and is used in hormone backup analysis for menopausal symptoms. Estriol is aswell accessible in some countries as estriol succinate, a dosage-equivalent ester of estriol.


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