Curculigo Orchioides Gaertn Anti-diabetic Activity

Curculigo orchioides Gaertn is aswell appear to posses antidiabetic effect. Animals administered 500 and 1000 mg/kg physique weight of extract produced cogent (p < 0.001) hypoglycemic (antidiabeti) activity. Treatment with liquid extract of Curculigo orchioides was aswell accessible in ameliorating the accident acquired by abiding hyperglycemia (diabetes-induced animal dysfunction). Evident benign furnishings in experimentaly-induced hyperglycemic animals were attributed to antioxidant and anabolic activities of the extract.

Mechanism of activity is not know, about it is appropriate that the extract acts by potentiation the pancreatic beard or accretion glucose uptake. Curculigo Orchioides is affluent antecedent of phytochemicals like flavonoids and polyphenols which are accepted to activate the beard of insulin in beta-cells of pancreas.


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