Betanin sources and uses

Betanin is usually acquired from the extract of beet juice; the absorption of betanin in red beet can ability 300–600 mg/kg. Added comestible sources of betanin and added betalains cover the Opuntia cactus, Swiss chard, and the leaves of some strains of amaranth.

The a lot of accepted uses of betanins are in appearance ice chrism and delicate bendable alcohol beverages; added uses are in some amoroso confectionery, e.g. fondants, amoroso strands, amoroso coatings, and bake-apple or chrism fillings. In hot candy candies, it can be acclimated if added at the final allotment of the processing. Betanin is aswell acclimated in soups as able-bodied as amazon and bacon products. Betanin has “not been active as causing analytic aliment abhorrence if acclimated as a appearance agent”.

Betanin can be aswell acclimated for appearance meat and sausages.



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