Gossypol toxicity and potential food source

Food and beastly agronomical industries have to administer cotton-derivative artefact levels to abstain toxicity. For example, alone ruminant microflora can abstract gossypol, but alone to a assertive level, and cottonseed oil have to be refined.

A analysis aggregation at Texas A&M University has genetically engineered affection plants that accommodate actual little gossypol in the seed, but still accommodate the admixture in the stems and leaves. This maintains aegis adjoin non-seed pests and diseases, while acceptance the berry to be acclimated for oil and meal for animal consumption. The plants are adapted by RNA interference, shutting down the genes for gossypol assembly in the seed, while abrogation them artless in the blow of the plant. The consistent gossypol-free cottonseed is again acceptable as a high-quality protein antecedent acceptable for burning not alone by cattle, but aswell by humans. Protein makes up 23% of the cottonseed.

Gossypol is baneful to erythrocytes in vitro by aesthetic corpuscle afterlife accidental to the ancillary aftereffect of hemolytic anemia.


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