What is Dibenzofuran?

Dibenzofuran is a heterocyclic amoebic admixture with the actinic anatomy apparent at right. It is an ambrosial admixture that has two benzene rings alloyed to a axial furan ring. All the numbered carbon atoms accept a hydrogen atom affirmed to anniversary of them (not apparent in the image). It is a airy white solid that is acrid in nonpolar amoebic solvents. It is acquired from atramentous tar, area it exists as a 1% component.

Dibenzofuran is thermally able-bodied with a acceptable aqueous range. These backdrop calm with its low toxicity, are exploited by the use of DBF as a calefaction alteration agent.

It undergoes electrophilic reactions, such as halogenation and Friedel-Crafts reactions. Acknowledgment of DBF with bultyl lithium after-effects in dilithiation.

Dibenzofuran is the forerunner to the biologic furobufen by Friedel-Crafts acknowledgment with succinic anhydride.

Dibenzofuran is a almost non-toxic admixture as apparent by rats getting artless afterwards 200 day diet consisting of 0.025 – 0.4% of DBF. The polychlorinated dibenzofurans are about arguable and potentially dangerous.


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