What is Cucumber?

Cucumber is a tender, warm-season vegetable that produces able-bodied if accustomed able affliction and protection. The accouterment of accepted varieties abound rapidly and crave abundant space. Vertical training methods and new dwarf varieties now acquiesce cucumbers to be developed for slicing, salads and pickling, even in baby garden plots.

Cucumbers are usually started by burying seeds anon in the garden. Bulb afterwards the crisis of frost has passed, and the clay has broiled in the spring. Balmy clay is all-important for formation of seeds and able advance of plants. With abounding clay moisture, cucumbers advance in balmy summer weather. A additional burying for abatement autumn may be fabricated in mid- to backward summer.

Cucumbers may be crude for extra-early yields. Sow two or three seeds in peat pots, peat pellets or added containers 3 to 4 weeks afore the frost-free date. Thin to one bulb per container. Bulb transplants 1 to 2 anxiety afar in rows 5 to 6 anxiety afar if they accept two to four accurate leaves. Do not acquiesce transplants to get too abounding in containers or they will not displace well. Like added backcountry crops, cucumbers do not displace auspiciously if pulled as bare-root plants.

Cucumber plants accept bank roots and crave abounding clay damp at all stages of growth. If bake-apple begins ambience and maturing, able damp becomes abnormally critical. For best yields, absorb admixture or well-rotted admixture afore planting. Cucumbers acknowledge to mulching with soil-warming artificial in aboriginal bounce or amoebic extracts in summer. Use of atramentous artificial admixture warms the clay in the aboriginal division and can accord decidedly beforehand yields, abnormally if accumulated with amphibian row covers.

Side-dress with nitrogen fertilizer if the plants activate to vine. Cucumber beetles should be controlled from the time that the adolescent seedlings appear from the soil.

In baby gardens, the accouterment may be accomplished on a filigree or fence. If the long, burpless varieties are supported, the cucumbers adhere chargeless and advance beeline fruits. Winds whipping the plants can accomplish vertical training impractical. Wire cages aswell can be acclimated for acknowledging the plants. Do not handle, autumn or plan with the plants if they are wet.


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