Cyclomethicone Uses

Dry Oil Physique Spray: Mix with EO or FO in ratios of 1:5 to 1:6 or greater. *Be abiding to use a physique safe FO. Also, depending aloft backbone of FO/EO, concentrations may be abundant college than 1:6 as your aroma may be *way* too strong. (concentrations = FO:Cyclomethicone). If desired, aboriginal agreement with drops of FO/EO to analysis strength.

Dry Oil Aroma base: Mix as aloft and amalgamation in a cycle on bottle!

After Ablution Oil/Shower Physique Oil: Mix with your admired oil alloy in concentrations up to 50/50 and add FO or EO to adapted strength. Aerosol on derma afterwards accepting out of ablution or shower, and again anhydrate dry. Leaves derma cottony & buttery after getting greasy.

Room Sprays, Linen Sprays: No added wet linens! Please analysis on any linens to accomplish abiding the FO/EO doesn’t stain.

Lotions: Add to lotions, physique butters, balm bars, and creams to admit a corrupt silky, bendable buttery feeling! Add up to 1% to pre-made balm abject or 5%-20% to balm fabricated from scratch.

Bath Salts, Ablution Oils, and Scrubs: Add to ablution oils or use instead of glycerin to add burnish to your ablution salts and a cottony feel to the ablution water.

Hair Care: Aerosol on wet hair for detangling or aerosol on dry hair to administer “frizz”. Spraying on dry hair adds added flash too! Add to hair conditioners to accord it detangling backdrop and a cottony feel.


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