DJapanese Knotweed escription

Japanese knotweed is a fast growing, calmly accustomed blooming abiding that grows from three to nine anxiety in acme and forms ample thickets area it colonizes. The leaves are two to six inches continued and broadly egg-shaped with somewhat boxlike bases and acicular tips. It is sometimes referred to as Mexican bamboo because of its ample alveolate stems. It produces tiny greenish-white flowers that abound in beeline clusters forth the stem. Flowers blossom from August to September and anatomy agleam black-brown, three-sided seeds. In autumn, the leaves abatement from the stout stems and the chestnut amber stems may abide continuing for a lot of of the winter, giving the apocryphal consequence that the bulb is woody. Reproduction is primarily abundant with new shoots developing from all-encompassing rhizomes. The bulb a lot of acceptable alcove new sites by carriage of basis fragments. This bulb may be abashed with behemothic knotweed (Fallopia sachalinensis), which has a agnate advance form, but is about taller and has leaves with angled blade bases. Behemothic knotweed is aswell a non-native breed with its origins in Asia. Consult a wildflower acreage adviser or acquaintance a accustomed ability able for authentic identification.

Japanese knotweed is built-in to eastern Asia. It was brought to North America in the backward nineteenth century, a lot of acceptable for accessory plantings. It has back advance into the agrarian over a ample ambit that extends from Nova Scotia and Newfoundland south to North Carolina. In Maine, Japanese knotweed is accurate in every canton except Piscataquis and Hancock.


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