Ofloxacin History

Ofloxacin was developed as a broader-spectrum analog of norfloxacin, the aboriginal fluoroquinolone antibiotic, Ofloxacin was aboriginal patented in 1982 (European Patent Daiichi) and accustomed U.S. Food and Biologic Administration (FDA) approval December 28, 1990.

In the United States name branded ofloxacin is rarely acclimated anymore, accepting been discontinued by the manufacturer, Ortho-McNeil-Janssen, a accessory of Johnson & Johnson. Johnson and Johnson’s anniversary sales of Floxin in 2003 was about $30 million, admitting their accumulated sales of Levaquin/Floxin exceeded $1.15 billion in the aforementioned year. However all-encompassing use continues. The FDA website lists Floxin (Ortho McNeil Jannsen) as getting discontinued, with just a few all-encompassing equivalents still in use. The otic band-aid continues to be listed as getting accessible both as an aboriginal biologic as able-bodied as a all-encompassing equivalent.


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