Synthetic Pristane Background

CAS# 1921-70-6

The isoprenoid alkane Pristane (2,6,10,14-tetramethylpentadecane) has begin several important applications in medical analysis and biotechnology including the consecration of autoimmune and arthritis affection in rodents, the consecration of rodent plasmacytomas with backdrop agnate to those of assorted myeloma patients, and conceivably a lot of broadly as an accessory for preconditioning the peritoneal atrium of mice and rats to access assembly of ascites aqueous afterward bang of hybridoma beef for the abreast of monoclonal antibodies.

Until recently, the primary bartering feedstock for the ablution of accustomed pristane has been bluff alarmist oil from the Basking Bluff (Cetorhinus maximus). Afresh however, the availability of accustomed pristane has decreased acutely afterward protections to the Basking Bluff and added bluff breed agreed to by all-embracing conventions. Constructed pristane is accordingly growing in accent as a bartering acting for accustomed pristane. Cosmo Bio is admiring to advertise the availability of constructed pristane to abutment these important analysis and bartering applications.



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