Eupolyphaga aqueous extract of anticoagulant effect in rats

Eupolyphaga water extraction liquid (2 g/ml crude drugs), adenosine diphosphate (ADP, sigma), 3.8% sodium citrate solution.SD rats, weight 274.5 + / – 55.8 g, male and female both, soil cast worm water extraction liquid of 1.08 g/kg/day) for large dose group, 0.54 g/kg/day) for dosage group, control group for parts water.Lavage for seven days, the last 4 hours after anesthesia, abdominal aorta in blood.Observation rat bleeding time, complex calcium, erythrocyte electrophoresis time, platelet aggregation rate, whole blood viscosity, plasma viscosity and fibrinogen content.The results showed that two kinds of different concentrations of water extract could significantly prolong the bleeding time: high-dose group average to 178.6 + / – 13.8 seconds (P < 0.01), and often dosage group, the average time to extend the plus or minus 165.5 153 seconds (P < 0.01).The two groups were significantly prolonged after calcium, high-dose group average by 12.5 seconds;Often dosage group average by 11.95 seconds, are shown in table 7.Two groups had obvious inhibitory effect for platelet aggregation rate, and can significantly shorten the erythrocyte electrophoresis time.Two doses of rat whole blood viscosity, plasma viscosity, fibrinogen content had no significant effect.


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