What is the Evidence for Policosanol?

Policosanol seems to abatement cholesterol assembly in the alarmist and to access the breach down of LDL (low-density lipoprotein or “bad”) cholesterol. It aswell decreases the delicacy of particles in the claret accepted as platelets, which ability advice abate claret clots.

Policosanol has been accustomed as a comestible supplement that can lower cholesterol as able-bodied as statin drugs, after the ancillary effects. Studies announce that it works by inhibiting cholesterol accumulation in the liver.

However, about all of the 80+ double-blind studies on sugarcane policosanol were conducted by a individual analysis accumulation in Cuba that owns the policosanol patent.

An absolute abstraction appear in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2006 did not acquisition any account of policosanol, even at top doses, on cholesterol profile. This award has casted some agnosticism on the believability of the Cuban analysis on policosanol.

Policosanol is just one antidote for cholesterol. Learn about added means to lower cholesterol naturally.


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