What is 1,3-Pentadiene

1,3-pentadiene (1,3-PD) is handled in abutting sysems at a bound amount of sites as an average in the accomplish of C5 hydrocarbon or petroleum resins. Potential exposures to 1,3-PD are bound to the abode area assimilation would be the primary avenue of exposure. Abode acknowledgment is estimated to be low, beneath 1

ppm, 8-hour TWA.

1,3-PD is not accepted to could cause cogent ecology effects. As a actual airy chemical, the capital acknowledgment avenue to 1,3-PD is inhalation. 1,3-PD is accepted to volatilize rapidly from assorted media (water, soil).

1,3-PD can abide photo-oxidation with a abbreviate bisected reside of beneath than several hours. It is not accepted to appreciably bioconcentrate in amphibian breed based on a affected Log Pow of 2.43. Astute toxicity studies in angle (fathead minnows), invertebrates (daphnids) and algae announce a low ecology concern.

No adverse furnishings accept been appear in bodies apparent to 1,3-PD. 1,3-PD has been advised in a amount of beastly studies. It displayed a low adjustment of astute toxicity (oral, dermal, inhalation) in rats and/or rabbits. It was non-genotoxic in two in vitro assays; Ames and abrasion lymphoma alteration assay. By the assimilation route, 1,3-PD was abeyant in a micronucleus abstraction in rats (7000 ppm) and mice (300 ppm) at the accomplished dosage (est. MTD) tested. In an articulate screening abstraction in rats at a dosage up to 1 g/kg, 1,3-PD did not aftermath affirmation of systemic lesions, changeable toxicity, and adorning toxicity. The allegation on 1,3-PD were actual commensurable with isoprene, an isomer of 1,3-PD. A analysis of the accessible bloom furnishings abstracts (animal, man) announce a low adjustment of bloom affair for 1,3-PD.

1-3-PD has been acclimated in a safe address for a amount of years. The abridgement of adverse furnishings in man may be due to low acknowledgment to 1,3-PD and low adjustment of toxicity of 1,3-PD in assorted tests. 1,3-PD has not produced any adverse furnishings in the ambiance which may be due to low acknowledgment and low adjustment of toxicity of 1,3-PD in assorted tests.

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