What is Betulinic acid?

Betulinic acid is a pentacyclic triterpenoid abandoned from the case of Betula alba (the white besom tree), which is alive adjoin melanoma cancer, HIV, malaria, herpesvirus and leishmaniasis


Betulinic acid has approved cytotoxic action specific for melanoma beef both in vitro and in vivo. In vitro, this melanoma-specific cytotoxicity occurs through apoptosis; however, this apparatus is not able-bodied understood. When administered intraperitoneally to athymic mice address beastly melanoma xenografts, Betulinic acid is concentrated in the tumors, consistent in accelerated bump corruption with no appreciable toxicity to the beastly even at top doses (e.g., 500 mg/Kg physique weight, i.p.). Direct bang of Betulinic acid into the bump of xenografts induced apoptosis aural the tumors. Betulinic acid has been apparent to accept almighty anti-HIV action with an EC50 of 1.4 µM and a ameliorative basis of 9.3 by a atypical apparatus of action. It prevents access of HIV into the ambition cell, but it may aswell act at the maturation stage. Betulinic acid and its derivatives accept aswell approved anti-infective bioactivity action adjoin herpesvirus, malaria and leishmaniasis.

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