e-Module Component Series

e-Module Component Series

After years of research and development, Artes in the second quarter of 2008, new product launches e-Module series, this product is made ​​from 100% solar-grade silicon material production from the processing of cells, the PV market is currently the most economical and most environmental protection, the most reliable photovoltaic modules.

Main features:
Economy PV modules: high cost, the fastest return on investment
Environmentally friendly PV modules: pollution-free products, zero legal risk

High quality & most reliable e-Module Components
Core technology is used in long-term reliability has been in business over 40 years using crystalline silicon photovoltaic technology
With over a quarter of a century, the study of history of the solar silicon refining technology, economical and reliable
With world-class laboratory testing standards ISO17025 for its solid backing by the IEC, TUV, ETL, JET, MCS, KEMCO other international certification
By contrast plant data 12 months confirmed the superiority of e-Module assembly
In reality many customers through feedback and some e-Module power plant built and used, e-Module products have been widely recognized


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