Dabsyl-L-leucine basic information

Chinese Name: dansyl -L- leucine

English Name: L-Leucine, N-[[4-[[4- (dimethylamino) phenyl]azo]phenyl]sulfonyl]- (9CI)
Alias: L-Dabsylleucine
Molecular formula: C20H26N4O4S
Molecular weight: 418.50984
CAS accretion number: 89131-12-4
InChI: 1S/C20H26N4O4S/c1-14 (2) 13-19 (20 (25) 26) 23-29 (27,28) 18-11-7-16 (8-12-18) 22-21-15-5-9-17 (10-6-15) 24 (3) 4/h5-12,14,19,23H, 13H2,1-4H3, (H, 25,26) /t19-/m0/s1
Description:DABSYL – L – leucine is an advantageous advertence accepted for HPLC assay of L-leucine and leucine-containing peptides.Its abstention is not beneath than 98% (LC).It’s the brand of GR.The blueprint is 100MG.This artefact should be air-conditioned and desiccated.
More about:Dabsyl-L-leucine suppliers
From:chemical raw material


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