Conantokin G, Marine snail, Conus geographus features

Conantokin G, Marine snail, Conus geographus is a 17-amino-acid aggressive adversary of N-methyl-D-aspartate ( NMDA ) receptors. It was abandoned from the acidity of Conus geographus and it belongs to a different ancestors ofγ -carboxyglutamic acid-containing Conus peptides. conotoxin from conus. Conus, aswell accepted as the cone shell, arrangement software animal, Gastropoda, PROSOBRANCHIA, collectively Conidae animal. About 500 breed broadcast in close waters, mainly in India ocean and the Pacific ocean. 300 kinds of Walls list, 91% is begin in the Pacific, 69% begin in India ocean, alone 15% are begin in the Atlantic, actual few breed of conus administration in added balmy water. Although the conus baneful and can aching this aback in nineteenth Century or even beforehand humans could accept and recorded, but the absolute analysis of its acidity began in the nineteen fifties end. Analysis on ecology, analysis and conus acidity backdrop and apparatus of conotoxin. Taro snail adulteration is a affectionate of conus acidity aqueduct the beard of biologically alive baby peptide, accurately in a array of ion channels and receptors for neurotransmitters.

Most of the conantokin G, marine snail, gonus geographus biological action accept been evaluated. More achievement for the adversary of sodium, potassium, calcium ion channels, such as L1 – conotoxin furnishings on voltage-gated sodium channels in muscle, can could cause paralysis, afterlife of vertebrates; w ·conotoxins acting on the voltage gated calcium channel; k- conotoxins acting on the potassium ion channel. While the Jue – conotoxin IV,, it behaves as potassium approach agonists, which was aboriginal begin in the conus adulteration in. 14 kinds of conotoxin peptide begin from China’s Hainan Island accumulating and conus striatus of Conus textile, acceptance to the biological field. CDNA arrangement was cloned application cDNA adjustment to access conotoxins ( SeqxN ), forerunner peptide arrangement of conotoxins assumption by cDNA arrangement ( Seqxp ), complete conotoxin peptide sequences deduced from forerunner peptide arrangement ( Seqx ), the complete peptides by actinic amalgam or gene announcement in vitro adjustment to obtain. Conotoxin peptide has the sequence, the adulteration is a arrangement of oxy acerbic may aftermath a specific receptor for the new, and the 14 new adulteration has a different receptor specificity and affinity, has the amount in the receptor research, is for the development of new drugs and biologic advance biologic candidate.

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