What is aviptadil acetate?

Aviptadil acetate, aswell accepted as vasoactive abdominal polypeptide (VIP), is a 28 amino acerbic neuropeptide acceptance to the glucagon-growth hormone-releasing agency beard superfamily. Aviptadil exerts almighty anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects. In addition, the peptide acts as a almighty systemic vasodilator and bronchodilator. Aviptadil inhibits the admeasurement of vascular and bronchial bland beef beef and decreases platelet aggregation. The biological furnishings of aviptadil are advised by specific VIP receptors.In September 1997, Senetek filed PLAs gluttonous approval to bazaar aviptadil in Switzerland, South Africa and New Zealand ; by April 2000, it had been accustomed in New Zealand .

Aviptadil acetate is an injectable conception of vasoactive abdominal polypeptide (VIP) in aggregate with the adrenergic biologic phentolamine. Aviptadil in aggregate with phentolamine and animal stimulation, is accepted to accommodate a new and able another for arrect dysfunction (ED) patients that is about chargeless of the alarming ancillary furnishings and bulky supply methods which absolute the use of added pharmacologic preparations. Aviptadil can be delivered application Senetek’s atypical and patented autoinjector (Reliaject), which renders the self-injection action awfully easy, humble to accomplish and helps ensure accurate, safe supply of the medication.

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From: Peptides


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